Our clients make better decisions after they work with us.

Are you a manufacturer of building materials? Do you want to know if your product is the cause of a home’s failure to perform or is it something else?

Are you an architect? Do you want to make sure the home you designed will perform as you intended? You don’t want to make an error in a detail or specification that works against your design intent. That only leads to unhappy homeowners and very happy lawyers!

Are you a homebuilder? Do you want to make sure the homes you build don’t lead to lawsuits? After all, it takes one mistake for you to  lose it all.

Are you an attorney? Do you need to know who or what is most likely responsible for the failure of a home to perform as it should? Because that information allows you to focus your work on winning the case!

Our building science consulting work with clients helps them make better decisions.

We’ve worked on everything from Habitat for Humanity homes to the mansion of an Academy Award winner…and everything in between!

Our expertise provides the winning combination to solve your challenges…

Challenges like:

  • bad publicity from the “energy hog” home of an environmental superstar
  • how to make energy efficiency improvements to a historic Governor’s mansion
  • why mold ate the roof framing of a high-performance home
  • quantifying the impact of building code changes
  • why the floor system of a summer home on the beach rotted (and someone put their leg through it!)
  • how to ventilate a home in a cost-effective, sensible way for good indoor air quality
  • who is responsible for the poor health of the homeowner (it wasn’t the HVAC system manufacturer!)
  • how to design and build homes that deliver high performance
  • why water is pouring out of the walls when the roof doesn’t leak (if you are going to screw up a home, don’t make it the home of an architect and an attorney!)
  • how to design HVAC systems that deliver comfort AND energy efficiency
  • why there is a persistent harsh odor in a home (no, it wasn’t the dog)
  • how building envelopes should be designed and built to avoid failures due to heat, air, and water

And many more…

We don’t just identify the source of the wicked problem…we identify the solutions most likely to succeed!

After all, the last thing you need is a diagnosis… what you really need is a cure!

We believe you should treat the cause, not the symptom. That’s why we conduct scientific investigations to identify both cause and cure.

Sometimes it’s just information you need…

So you can make the best decision possible in the moment…

The decisions that can make or break a legal case…

Or prevent angry homeowners from lining up around the block to complain.

You need answers…

And we love your wicked building science problems.

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